Greens are sooo tasty … and sooo good for you

One of the things that I’ve come to like through the SNAP program is greens.

Yep, I’m sure you know what they are: collards, mustard, turnip. I already liked spinach and kale.

We even had kale chips one weekend: you break them into smaller pieces and put them on a cookie sheet. You can spray them with non-stick canola oil spray or toss them in a bowl of olive oil beforehand. I choose the bowl beforehand because I decided to add some spices to them: onion and garlic powder, salt (I use potassium rather than sodium) and pepper.

You cook the “chips” for about 20 mins or so at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. They came out pretty tasty, a little crispy, a little oily. But not bad for a relatively healthy snack.

But because we get large amounts of greens once in a while, I needed to learn how to cook them – I’ve always hated canned greens. Ew and yuck.

But what I’ve been doing now, even with the spinach and kale, is to steam them first, to get them soft – especially the collard stems.

If I’m going to freeze them, I put them in a freezable bowl and add water to protect them. (I haven’t learn to can or jar stuff yet!).

But what we did today … mmm, mmm! We sauteed some spinach and collards, in a tad of oil, added a little bacon bits and a tad of margarine. OMG! It was a hot greens salad! Oh, I almost forgot… Jim could care less about one ingredient I love: mushrooms. I found packages of frozen shrooms at Walmart that are already sauteed or grilled or something. I zapped some in the microwave and added them to my bowl of greens. And THAT was what I had for lunch. I couldn’t even finish them all!

Except for the little bit of butter (margarine), bacon and oil, I’m sure my blood sugar was doing the jig it was so happy! 🙂 Almost all fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Saved a bunch of spinach for a cold salad with a bagged romaine mix and then also steamed/froze some with the mustard, turnip and more collards, for another meal.


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Gina Farthing is a freelance journalist, writer and graphic designer. She earned her BFA majoring in graphic design and minoring in advertising, marketing and business communications. Gina has worked in Florida, North Carolina and Virginia as a copy editor, ad designer, features editor, reporter, website designer, interim city editor, graphic designer, newsletter editor and photographer for the last 18 years. She has produced various communications materials for local, national and international academic, governmental, public and private organizations, including for news media and public broadcasting service audiences. Prior to going into business for herself, Gina’s most recent employers included. Her work encompassed publications such as The Waynesboro News Virginian, the Harrisonburg Daily News-Record, the Reidsville Review, Eden Daily News, Danville Register & Bee, the Draft, Rocktown Weekly, Shenandoah Journal, North Fork Journal, the Shenandoah Valley Business Journal, The Valley Banner, Real Estate Weekly and Bloom magazine.
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