SNAP Requalification

Ok, here I am. Again. Sorry for the delay in posting, but as you can see by the title of this post, it was time to qualify again for SNAP benefits. (This is the second time today, I writing this post, as I must have done something wrong earlier today and thus, lost the post).

Requalifying for SNAP, is kind of a snap. Your worker sends you a notice that it’s time, a checklist of information that they’ll need to requalify you and a date the information is needed by.

Since Jim had recently won his disability award from Social Security, that notice of his award was part of the required paperwork. That, in addition to my freelance invoices from the last several months and bank statements.

The process would have gone quicker had the holidays not been smack dab right in the middle of the process. Luckily, though, I didn’t have to get everything together until afterwards.

We also were in the process of getting Jim an additional assistance program, called Extra Help. It apparently is part of the Medicaid process and helps someone receiving Social Security with their prescription premiums and copays.

Since one of Jim’s medicines for his MS runs around $4800-$5000 per month, it most likely would be a higher tier medicine through his prescription plan. But with Extra Help, I believe he does not have to pay anything higher than $5 or $6 dollars now. Plus they will also pay half of his prescription coverage premium, which was only about $12 to begin with. (we took the cheapest we could, but one of the better plans through Walmart and Humana).

The Extra Help process was a little more involved, due to the fact that I’d filled out Jim’s paperwork online (yes, I am the head cook, chief bottle washer and because of my administrative knowledge and experience, I get to fill out the forms too – and to make sure they’re done relatively correctly).

What that did, was to throw a small kink in the works: Medicaid/Social Services, had to go through the steps to determine my eligibility since I am the spouse and live in the household.

But if anyone’s been watching the Obamacare issue, Virginia is one of the states that has decided to forego Medicaid expansion and although I work part time and have no health insurance of my own, I do not meet the eligibility criteria: I am not 65-plus years of age, I am not blind and I am not disabled.

Anyway, here we are one month later: SNAP has been approved, though lowered from $347 (after Congress cut SNAP in October) to $222, because of Jim’s new disability payments and he has been approved for Extra Help. Yay!.

As for me, I qualify for medical coverage through the local hospital for free due to my income level for six months. Then I have to requalify again. Though I’d prefer to have coverage through Obamacare, I don’t have to apply for it due to my income level.


About GMFarthing

Gina Farthing is a freelance journalist, writer and graphic designer. She earned her BFA majoring in graphic design and minoring in advertising, marketing and business communications. Gina has worked in Florida, North Carolina and Virginia as a copy editor, ad designer, features editor, reporter, website designer, interim city editor, graphic designer, newsletter editor and photographer for the last 18 years. She has produced various communications materials for local, national and international academic, governmental, public and private organizations, including for news media and public broadcasting service audiences. Prior to going into business for herself, Gina’s most recent employers included. Her work encompassed publications such as The Waynesboro News Virginian, the Harrisonburg Daily News-Record, the Reidsville Review, Eden Daily News, Danville Register & Bee, the Draft, Rocktown Weekly, Shenandoah Journal, North Fork Journal, the Shenandoah Valley Business Journal, The Valley Banner, Real Estate Weekly and Bloom magazine.
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